Taiwan cracks down on sexual exploitation of Indonesian migrant workers

Indonesian female workers were forced to work up to 16 hours a day in Thai massage parlors

Indonesian migrant workers were found at prostitution businesses disguised as Thai massage stores

Indonesian migrant workers were found at prostitution businesses disguised as Thai massage stores (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A middle-aged Taiwanese man was arrested for operating a prostitution ring disguised as Thai massage parlors and for exploiting unregistered migrant laborers, CNA reported on Monday.

On Oct. 7, the National Immigrant Agency in Taoyuan City cracked down on the sexual exploitation of migrant workers at Thai massage parlors after receiving several accusations against a 52-year-old man, surnamed Lin, who ran three spas full of unregistered Indonesian female workers doing Thai massage.

At the businesses, Taiwanese authority detained five store managers and front-desk staff, along with 16 Indonesian female nationals. Seven male customers were also detained and documents from each of the businesses were also seized such as cash books, and salary tables.

Central News Agency reported that customers coming to the massage parlors had to pay NT$1,600 (US$51) for two hours of Thai massage service. Lin took NT$1,000 of value from each session and the rest was given to the unregistered migrant workers who often worked 16 hours per day while providing Lin with a total profit of between NT$800,000 (US$25,806) to NT$1,000,000 (US$32,257) per month.

In order to regularly supervise the Indonesian workers, Lin arranged for them to stay at lodgings near the businesses and also asked them for monthly rental fees, as well as electricity and water fees.

Additionally, Lin set up a list of strict regulations with punishment fees ranging from NT$200 to NT$10,000. Female workers were sometimes required to engage in sexual intercourse with frequent guests for the additional cost of between NT$500 (US$16) to NT$2,000 (US$64.5) per session.

The case will be transferred to the Taoyuan Prosecutors Office for further investigation. The primary suspect may face several charges of violating the Human Trafficking Prevention Act, Offenses Against Sexual Morality laws, and the Employment Services Acts.