Line dance carnival revives Taipei’s historical district

The dance saw the participation of nearly one thousand people

Performers dressed in Cheongshan (Photo/Department of Information and Tourism)

Performers dressed in Cheongshan (Photo/Department of Information and Tourism)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A massive line dance performance joined by nearly a thousand people brought a 385-meter long spectacle to Taipei’s Dihua Street on Oct. 7 as part of the city’s effort to promote tourism.

Organized by the Department of Information and Tourism in collaboration with Taipei International Line Dance Association, the carnival aimed to raise awareness on the importance of exercise while allowing more people to learn about the choreographed dance, said the agency.

The event, which marked the 17th anniversary of the Taipei International Line Dance Association, was also held to coincide with the Double Ten Day celebrations, remarked President Peng Su-ching (彭蘇進) of the Association.

A total of nine teams from local communities and Taiwanese expats in the U.S., whose variously themed costumes attracted the attention of onlookers, performed the large-scale line dance to the accompaniment of well-known folk songs. Some notable outfits included Cheongsam, indigenous-style shawls, Hakka floral scarves, and cheetah skin dresses.

Dihua Street, a commercial hub of Dadaocheng District since the late Qing Dynasty, has managed to retain its historic appeal while transforming itself into a tourist attraction for locals and international visitors through continuous rejuvenation endeavors, according to the tourism agency of Taipei.

(Photo Credit: Department of Information and Tourism)