Second week of Women Make Waves Film Festival Taiwan underway

The festival is aimed at encouraging gender inclusiveness and promoting female talent

(Image courtesy of Women Make Waves Taiwan)

(Image courtesy of Women Make Waves Taiwan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Women Make Waves Film Festival Taiwan has entered its second week, kicking off with 12 screenings today at Taipei SPOT-Huashan.

The nationwide festival is running from Oct. 4 to Nov. 4 this year, with screenings in central and eastern Taiwan, as well as Taipei. The program features numerous new films as well as a selection of shorts and restored great feminist works from around the world.

The event is coordinated by Taiwanese non-profit organization Taiwan Women’s Film Association. The presentation is aimed at highlighting a wide range of issues related to gender expression and the feminist consciousness, and it advocates gender equality.

Founded in 1993, it has now become one of Taiwan’s major film festivals and provides a platform for international exchange between female film makers. It has also helped expose the Taiwanese public to local female talent, as well as different perspectives on many pertinent issues.

One of its main goals is to push forward great female acting and directing talent, often overlooked, into the spotlight. A BBC report earlier this year found that almost nine out of ten winning feature films at major film festivals had more men in their ten most senior acting and non-acting roles. Women Make Waves seeks to celebrate those that are frequently underrepresented.

The screening schedule is available here on the official website, as well as ticket information and a downloadable program.