Woman tumbles 2 stories into ocean from Taiwan's Elephant Trunk Rock

The woman's husband was restrained by visitors as he tried to dive into the violent tide below to save his wife

Shen'Ao Elephant Trunk Rock (Taiwan News Image)

Shen'Ao Elephant Trunk Rock (Taiwan News Image)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A 62 year old woman fell into the ocean off of Taiwan’s famous Shen’ao Elephant Trunk Rock (象鼻岩) over the weekend, resulting in her death.

While the woman and her husband, surnamed Ye (葉), were taking photos from atop the rock formation on Oct. 5, the wife reportedly fell into ocean from a height of over two stories.

The man had accompanied his wife to the tourist attraction on Friday afternoon in what was meant to be a romantic and uplifting day visiting the coast.

While the husband had turned to face away from his wife as she was taking photos, he was startled to hear a voice shout, “Someone has fallen into the sea!”

Ye was in a panic when he realized his wife was no longer nearby on the rocky platform, and that she had tumbled into the crashing waves below on the rocky coast.

After the woman fell, the husband, aged 63 years old, immediately began disrobing to jump in after his wife, who was floating face down in the ocean below, quite a distance from shore.

However, several young tourists also visiting Elephant Trunk Rock stopped the man from jumping in after her, fearing that two lives would be lost instead of one. Ye reportedly struggled against the young people, declaring he would sacrifice his life to save his wife’s.

The distraught and anxious husband was restrained while a rescue operation was launched, however, by the time a boat from the New Taipei’s Sixth Disaster Relief and Rescue Brigade had retrieved the woman’s body from the water, there were no signs of breathing or a heartbeat.

Reports indicate that the woman’s head and her limbs suffered bruising, either during the fall, or as she was caught in the violent waves hitting the rocky reef below.

Liberty Times reports that the woman suffered from depression, and that the couple’s trip to the popular tourist site was suggested by the husband to provide some therapeutic time outdoors in the fresh air.

Since there were no nearby witnesses of the woman's fall, investigators are uncertain if the woman’s fall was accidental or intentional.

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