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Woman disappears after slamming China for luring Taiwan’s allies away

Shanghai woman frequently targeted Chinese leaders in sharp tweets

Tang Yantao (image from Twitter).

Tang Yantao (image from Twitter).

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - A social commentator in China has reportedly gone missing after posting online criticism of the government for luring Taiwan’s diplomatic allies away.

Since 2016, five of the island’s official allies have switched diplomatic recognition to Beijing, mostly due to financial considerations and promises of major aid packages.

Tang Yantao (唐燕濤), a woman from Shanghai also known as Tang Tang, slammed the practice in one of her many messages on Weibo and Twitter, the Liberty Times reported. On September 29, she was taken away by police and has not been seen in public since, though she is believed to have been held at a police station.

Tang is known for posting illustrations online with texts frequently criticizing government policies, according to the Liberty Times. She had been commenting on recent incidents such as the trade war with the United States as well as making unfavorable comparisons between Communist China and Nazi Germany.

Human rights commentators said Tang’s statements were often sharp and targeted the country’s top leaders, making her a target in the current climate of increased repression and personality cult surrounding President Xi Jinping (習近平).

The police station was unwilling to respond to media enquiries about Tang’s fate, while her Weibo account had been closed down, the Liberty Times reported.