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Taiwan Army Captain questioned over computer use, possible data breach

Captain accessed classified material on behalf of colleague for up to 12 months, reports said

Screenshot of Army Logistics Training Center from Google Maps

Screenshot of Army Logistics Training Center from Google Maps

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwan Army Captain was questioned and his home searched during an investigation into unauthorized access to the Ministry of National Defense's (MND) computer system earlier this week, reports said.

The Captain worked in human resources, and is accused of accessing classified material on behalf of another military officer from the same unit, reported China Times.

The Captain surnamed Chung (鍾) is attached to the Army Logistics Training Center in Pingzhen District (平鎮區), Taoyuan City (桃園市), reports said.

Chung is under investigation by the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office (臺灣高等檢察署) and the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (法務部調查局). The Taiwan High Prosecutors Office confirmed on Oct. 5 that an investigation is underway, but chose to not disclose any details in order to maintain the integrity of the case.

It is suggested that Chung made unauthorized access to DOD’s computer system for up to one year.

The Liberty Times reported rumors suggesting Chung exploited his position to log into the MND’s computer system in private and viewed “general material.”

There is concern about potential breaches to sensitive information, what this information may have been used for, and the potential implications on Taiwan’s security.

Chung’s home and office was searched by authorities and some of Chung’s electronic devices were seized, reports said.

Chung may face charges under the criminal law code 111, in relation to espionage and gathering of national defense secrets, reported the Liberty Times, while Apple Daily suggested the Captain could face charges under the National Secrets Protection Law (國家機密保護法).

Updated : 2021-12-01 21:28 GMT+08:00