Philippine President admits undergoing cancer testing

'I will tell you if its cancer, it’s cancer,' said Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte (Photo by FB Government of the Philippines)

Rodrigo Duterte (Photo by FB Government of the Philippines)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Speculation about the health of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte now hangs in the air as he told the public in an address on Oct. 4 that he is waiting for results of a colonoscopy he underwent last week for cancer diagnosis, reports said.

“I don’t know where I’m now physically,” Duterte said in a dinner at the presidential palace held for police officers and soldiers, “But, I will tell you if its cancer, it’s cancer,” reported Reuters.

The leader expressed no intention of receiving treatment if he were diagnosed with third-stage cancer. “I will not prolong the agony in this office or anywhere,” he was quoted.

Duterte, 73-year-old, maintains a busy schedule and rumors have been rife about his declining health sparked by his disappearances from the public.

This August, communist leader Joma Sison said Duterte fell into a coma, which was denied by Duterte, who made appearances after that. Duterte has admitted having suffered migraines, nausea, and Buerger's disease, which affects blood vessels, and Barrett's esophagus, a disease with symptoms of heartburn or acid indigestion, CNN reported.