Guatemala tweets its support for Taiwan

The Central American country praises Taiwan's role in sustainable development

Guatemala tweeted its support for Taiwan Friday (photo from

Guatemala tweeted its support for Taiwan Friday (photo from

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Following its failure to speak out in Taiwan’s favor at the United Nations General Assembly, Guatemala on Friday nevertheless tweeted its praise for the island nation’s role in helping out with the Central American country’s sustainable development projects.

Since three countries, including two Latin American nations, switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China earlier this year, observers have paid more attention to other allies eventually jumping ship.

At the UN General Assembly, reportedly only 12 out of Taiwan’s 17 remaining allies spoke out on its behalf or wrote letters voicing their support, and Guatemala was not among them.

On Thursday, Foreign Minister Joseph Wu (吳釗燮) told the Central News Agency that contacts with Guatemala were very friendly and that bilateral programs were proceeding without problems. Officials from the Central American country also kept saying that Taiwan should not worry about the future of the relationship, CNA reported.

On Friday, Guatemala’s Foreign Ministry issued a tweet in Spanish voicing its praise for Taiwan’s contributions. “Taiwan is an important partner in the development of cooperation projects on the national level. Its contribution to the effective implementation of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development in Guatemala is laudable,” the tweet said, accompanied by a picture of two Taiwanese flags in front of the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted back in English “We thank #Guatemala for acknowledging #Taiwan’s long-standing commitment to advancing sustainable national development in the Central American country. Taiwan is Guatemala’s rock-solid partner in achieving shared prosperity.”