Starbucks opens up picturesque new location in Yangmingshan National Park

The coffee company's Grass Mountain branch is one of several new global locations

The front of the Grass Mountain store (Image courtesy of Starbucks Facebook page)

The front of the Grass Mountain store (Image courtesy of Starbucks Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Starbucks has recently opened a series of new branches around the world that focus on aesthetics and the environment.

As well as the chain’s opulent first Italian store near the Milan Cathedral in Italy and several "shipping container" locations around the world, including one in Taiwan, a stunning new branch has just opened in Taipei’s Yangmingshan National Park.

The store, named "Grass Mountain," opened to customers on Oct. 4. Inspired by American military family homes of the 1950s, the building is a white, wooden single-compound, detached house.

As well as housing many traditional amenities such as a fireplace and rooftop chimney, the building is split into functional rooms just like a family home. Outside is a large terrace overlooking a garden surrounded by cherry blossom trees.

(Image courtesy of Starbucks News Facebook page)

Yangmingshan's Shangzishan area, where the new Starbucks is located, houses around 150 American-style buildings which are former homes to U.S. military officers, consultants, and their families. Some were opened as residences for locals in the 1980s, and others are currently used by staff of the American Institute in Taiwan.

The new Starbucks branch mixes modernity with tradition to elicit a sense of nostalgia, and seeks to encourage customers to “enjoy the path of history through a cup of coffee.”

(Image courtesy of Starbucks News Facebook page)

Visitors can visit Grass Mountain at the following address: No. 5, Guotai Street, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan.