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Crazed Chinese reporter triggered by son's expulsion from British school

Manic behavior of CCTV reporter followed her son's expulsion from British school

Kong Linlin (left), son (right). (Images from Enoch Lieu Twitter and Weibo)

Kong Linlin (left), son (right). (Images from Enoch Lieu Twitter and Weibo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After a Chinese CCTV reporter made international news for assaulting a student at a conference the UK on democracy in Hong Kong on Sept. 30, a Chinese photographer forwarded her own recent Weibo posts mentioning that her son had recently been expelled from a British school and suggested this was the root cause of her anger, rather than patriotic fervor.

Yesterday (Oct. 3), Chinese photographer Zhou Yanming on his Weibo page shared a post he claimed was from CCTV reporter Kong Linlin showing a photo of her son looking dejected and lamenting that "her son had been expelled from his British school" because of "poor grades, truancy and failure to follow school rules." Meawhile, another Weibo user claimed that assaulting classmates was among the rules that had been violated.

Zhou added that, in photojournalist circles, Kong had a reputation for bad behavior in the past. Zhou claimed that, after her son was expelled, "she went crazy," and he suggested that her manic behavior was related to her son's expulsion.

Weibo user 阿海很快乐 claimed he had seen a post uploaded a few days previously by Kong saying that her son had been expelled for assaulting students.

Many Chinese netizens expressed disapproval of what they considered her hypocritical behavior:

"Turns out that she has a mouth that loves tyranny, but her body loves democracy."

"How can a person that is so patriotic send their son to England to study?"

"Cursing America for work, living in America for life."

"Patriotism is a business."

Crazed Chinese reporter triggered by son's expulsion from British school
Kong Linlin accosting Lieu. (Images from Enoch Lieu's Twitter and YouTube)

On Oct. 1, Kong was arrested for assaulting Enoch Lieu, a British citizen born in Hong Kong, who was volunteering at an event held in Birmingham titled "The Erosion of Freedom and The Rule of Law and Autonomy in Hong Kong," and was hosted by at The UK Conservative Party and Hong Kong Watch. Kong reportedly slapped Lieu twice in the face after being asked to leave the event. She can be seen in recordings made the after the initial assault, shouting and refusing to the leave the venue.

According to Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP), Kong's disturbance began when a panelist at the event and Hong Kong Watch founder, Benedict Rogers, made his concluding remarks in an address on the topic of assuring the Hong Kong handover agreement was honored by the Communist Party of China. As Rogers made his final remarks, indicating his support for China, Kong reportedly stood up and began shouting aggressively, “You are a liar. You are anti-China. You want to separate China. And you are not even Chinese. The rest are all traitors!'"

As she was shouting and declaring that the panelist members were all "fake Chinese," Enoch Lieu approached her and asked her to leave.

Kong declared Lieu was trying to silence her. Lieu was quoted by the HKFP, “then I said 'no, miss, you have to go.' All of a sudden, she slapped me in my face.”

As others joined in, asking the woman to leave, she struck Lieu a second time. Eventually, West Midlands Police removed her from the venue and detained her overnight.

Apple Daily reports that Kong has since been released without being charged after spending the night in jail. However, an investigation is still ongoing, according to the West Midlands Police Department.

Updated : 2022-01-26 02:17 GMT+08:00