Prime Minister Modi sends letter of support for Taiwan trade expo in India

The SMART Asia India exhibition is taking place in Bengaluru Oct. 4-6

Image of the TAITRA expo in Bengaluru (Image from TAITRA)

Image of the TAITRA expo in Bengaluru (Image from TAITRA)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) is hosting a” SMART Asia India” exhibition in the Indian city of Bengaluru this week Oct. 4-6, showcasing some of the top technology companies in Taiwan, to promote stronger international trade relations.

At the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, Sept. 4, the organizers of the event received a letter of welcome and encouragement from the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

In his letter, Modi expressed his hope for the success of the exhibition, and also remarked on how India would continue to strive towards developing smart cities for the benefit of future Indian generations, as part of the Smart Cities Mission.

Modi commented on how futuristic technologies should be applied to empower citizens and future generations. By cooperating with partners in Taiwan and other countries, India is on track to significantly transform its society over the coming decades.

This is the second year that the SMART Asia India exhibition has been held, serving as a showroom and networking forum for some of the most cutting edge technology that Taiwanese businesses engage in producing.

Companies recognized for their contributions and advances in various fields are selected by the Ministry of Economics “Taiwan Excellence” awards every year to be showcased at exhibitions like SMART Asia India.

India is also an important partner nation under the Tsai Administration’s New Southbound Policy, and forums like SMART Asia India serve to further international trade and cooperation between Taiwan and other nations in the region.

The major themes for this year’s exhibition are smart transportation, smart energy and manufacturing, smart medicine, and smart cities, reports LTN.

The letter from Prime Minster Modi can be viewed in full below.

(Image from TAITRA)