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Taiwan face mask brand boosts presence in European beauty market

TTM was shortlisted for renowned Pure Beauty Global Awards

(Photo Credit: FB TTM)

(Photo Credit: FB TTM)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A product by Taiwanese cosmetics brand Timeless Truth Mask (TTM) was named a finalist at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2018 in the U.K., a testimony to Taiwan’s prowess in the beauty industry.

The Multipeptide Revitalising Bio Cellulose Mask was shortlisted in the Best New Premium Anti Aging Product category, one of the 27 categories featured at the Awards with entries from brands spanning 29 countries, reported Cosmetics Business.

Despite the fact it failed to win the category, the Kaohsiung-based cosmetics brand has made its name in France by gaining access to the prestigious department store Le Bon Marché and the leading pharmacy chain Parashop, wrote ELLE.

It is no easy task for Taiwanese brands to build a presence in the beauty market of France, which is a global leader in the cosmetics industry and implements strict regulations on related products.

It took three years of effort for TTM to meet all the requirements listed under EU’s Product Information File (PIF) -- which include a series of documents providing info on product description, safety reports, proof of claimed effect, etc. -- before the brand was allowed into the French market, said the company.

Unlike other Taiwanese beauty brands which mainly target Southeast Asian and China markets, TTM decided that “conquering the most unlikely market would help the company establish a reputation in its branding campaign,” CEO John Lee (李昆霖) of TTM was quoted as saying.

The company, which has pushed the envelope by engaging in a parachuting activity in Alaska to market its masks, is also planning on increasing its profile back in its home market of Taiwan, reported ELLE.