Taiwan Presidential Office Building to put up light show for National Day

There will be six sessions every night from Oct. 5 to 10

A screenshot of the light show clip (Image/FB 總統府發言人)

A screenshot of the light show clip (Image/FB 總統府發言人)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A projection mapping show will illuminate the Presidential Office Building of Taiwan and Ketagalan Boulevard as part of the National Day celebrations, the Office of the President announced Oct. 2.

The light spectacle is scheduled at 7 pm, 7:30 pm, 8 pm, 8:30 pm, 9 pm, and 9:30 pm from Oct. 5 through 10.

Building on the success of a similar event last year, the display this year will highlight projections of images exhibiting Taiwan’s local traits, biodiversity, and stellar athletic performance in the 2018 Asian Games, according to the General Association of Chinese Culture (中華文化總會)

What are featured include species that call Taiwan home, such as Lanyu’s elegant scops-owls (蘭嶼角鴞), the Magellan birdwing butterflies (珠光鳳蝶), black-faced spoonbills (黑面琵鷺), leopard cats (石虎), green sea turtles (綠蠵龜), and more, said art director of the show Agi Chen (陳怡潔).

Images characteristic of cultures from Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines also constitute part of the illuminated display to underscore the dynamic scene of the new immigrant community, she added.

The light spectacle will be paired with a newly composed tune divided into four sections – orchestral music bringing out the oceanic character of the island, percussion music resonating with urban vibes, electronic music reminiscent of video games of the 1980s, and rock music accompanying stories of the heroes, noted Director General Chou Heng-yi (周恆毅) of Taiwan Music Technique Association.

(Image Credit: The General Association of Chinese Culture)