Police arrest 28 in raid on 'birthday orgy' in Taipei 'love hotel'

28 arrested at an alleged sex party held under the guise of a 'birthday party' at a love hotel in Taipei's Zhongshan District

Scene of the sex party. (Taipei Police photo)

Scene of the sex party. (Taipei Police photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Police on Sunday (Sept. 30) arrested 28 people for participating in a sex party that was held under the guise of a birthday celebration at a "love hotel" in Taipei's Zhongshan District.

A 34-year-old stock broker surnamed Chang (張), his 20-year-old girlfriend and college student surnamed Hung (洪), and a 39-year-old woman surnamed Huang (黃) created a LINE group called "Lots of People in the Room" (房間很多人), where, along with the "Sex" thread on the popular bulletin board PTT, they began posting announcements of sex parties, reported Liberty Times. Police began to monitor these announcements, and observed that there was a major gathering planned for Sunday dubbed the "Super Excellent College Girl's Birthday Party."

On Sunday at 2 p.m., police busted what they called a 28-person "birthday orgy" at the Wego Boutique Hotel (薇閣精品旅館) in the Dazhi in Taipei's Zhongshan District, arresting 9 women and 19 men and seizing 18 used condoms, 298 unused condoms, and sex-oriented lubricants. After taking the suspects in for questioning, Chang said that he held the gathering to give his girlfriend a "20th birthday she would never forget," reported Apple Daily.

Chang confessed that he had organized many sex parties before and that his girlfriend often participated. This time around was "my girlfriend's 20th birthday present," according to Apple Daily. He added that he found it very exciting to watch his girlfriend have sex with other people.

Messages advertising birthday party on social media platform LINE.

After police inspected Hung's ID, they confirmed that her birthday was in fact the next day, and though they considered it an absurd gift, she reportedly laughed and said it was "wonderful."

When police first entered the dimly lit room where the party was being held, they saw several men and women engaged in sexual acts, including with multiple partners. Some of the participants were fully nude while others were partially wrapped in towels, and those not engaged in sexual activities were seen drinking or singing Karaoke songs.

The ages of the revelers arrested on the scene ranged between 20 to 40 years of age. Of the nine women present, many were students, while others worked in the service and medical industries. After questioning, police said that ten of the men and five of the women confessed to having sex at the event, reported SETN.

At the scene of the sex party, in addition to the condoms and lubricant, they seized more than NT$28,000 and other evidence. Chang told police that the men who participated in the party had to pay NT$5,000 per person, while women not only could enter for free, but were eligible for an NT$3,000 bonus, reported Liberty Times. Those who only wished to watch were charged a fee of NT$500.

Scene of sex party. (Taipei Police photo)

Hung, a native of Pingtung who is in her second year of college, confessed that she received NT$3,000 for every three hours she attends such parties. She said that she had already been to eight sex parties, where she had earned NT$24,000, which she said would help her boyfriend's business, reported UDN.

Several of the men present testified that Hung had sex with up to eight partners at the party, and at one point was engaged in sex with three males simultaneously, because she was a "longevity star," according to the UDN report.

Chang said that he had participated in similar parties in the past and found they were easy to organize. After meeting Hung on the internet last year, he separately recruited interested participants and set up the LINE group to send out announcements of sex parties starting in July of this year, according to Liberty Times.

Chang claimed he made a profit of about NT$40,000 to NT$50,000 each month by holding a sex party one weekend per month. UDN cited Chang as seeking leniency for his girlfriend, saying, "everything was instigated by me, and I hope that the prosecutor will give (her) a lighter sentence."

Chang, Hung, and Huang could be charged with breeching the Act on Offenses Against Sexual Morality (妨害風化罪), while the attendees could face fines for violating the Social Order Maintenance Act (社會秩序維護法).