Kavalan Whisky introduces the first Taiwanese craft gin to the world

The gin is distilled using fruits grown locally in Taiwan

(Image from Kavalan Whisky)

(Image from Kavalan Whisky)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s award winning Kavalan Whisky, based in Yilan County, has just announced a new addition to its line of fine spirits, a Taiwan inspired gin.

Kavalan Gin, crafted using local agricultural products, will be released in Taiwan Oct. 1, with an international release set for later in 2018 according to reports.

A Forbes report notes that Taiwan’s premier whisky distiller is following in the footsteps of Asian competitors Suntory and Asahi, who created their own “craft gins” in 2017.

Kavalan was only founded in 2005 but has risen to global prominence in the spirits industry in an impressively short span of time. Last year the distillery was recognized as “Distiller of the year” at the 2017 International Wine and Spirits Competition.

It has won the award six times since 2005.

The new offering from Kavalan reportedly builds upon Kavalan’s expertise in Whisky, and uses a single base spirit of malted barley, which is triple distilled in copper stills manufactured in Germany.

The stills were originally intended for whisky production when they were purchased in 2008, but they weren’t exactly producing the flavors that the company was hoping for. Thus, they have been put to the task of producing a new type of liquor, the very first craft gin to come out of Taiwan.

The 40 percent ABV gin contains elements of the following local fruit products grown in Taiwan, starfruit, red guava, juniper, coriander, and kumquat, according to Forbes.

The Forbes report quotes Kavalan’s master distiller, Ian Chang as saying:

“Above all, I wanted Kavalan Gin to be refreshing and elegant. Imagine taking a dip in a crystal pool on an intense summer's day. That's what I had in mind for the experience of drinking Kavalan Gin.”

Kavalan also released two German style beers earlier this year, under the brand name "Buckskin," produced in a new facility in Taoyuan Taiwan.