Taiwan shows off first Level 4 autonomous concept vehicle



Taiwan unveiled Thursday its first Level 4 autonomous concept vehicle, developed by Hua-Chuang Automobile Information Technical Center (HAITEC), a Yulon Group affiliate, and PC brand Acer Inc.

The self-developed smart electric vehicle integrates core technologies such as data analysis and management, which cater to Taiwan's complex road networks, said Yulon Group, one of the leading domestic auto makers.

Based on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) international levels of automated driving for on-road vehicles, Level 4 is defined as High Automation, meaning the vehicle's automated driving system can be activated even if a human driver fails to respond appropriately to a request to intervene.

The SAE scale ranges from 0-5, with zero being defined as No Automation, while five stands for Full Automation.

According to the automaker, the concept vehicle jointly developed by HAITEC and Acer is designed based on an open source platform, providing companies interested in entering the field of autonomous driving vehicles with easier access to the research and development ecosystem behind the vehicle.