Micro LED shines as new light of Taiwan industry

Micro LED display poses tremendous opportunity in multi-screen era says ITRI

(Image courtesy of Max Pixel)

(Image courtesy of Max Pixel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) says society has reached the “multi-screen era,” and next big thing in screens will be Micro LED, which has huge demand and broad applications.

Micro LED panels are an emerging technology, which after a few breakthroughs, is expected to become a major industry and potentially the next big thing for Taiwan, as Taiwan is the second largest producer of flat panel displays.

Wu Chih-I (吳志毅) head of ITRI’s Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories told monthly publication Industrial Technology that the next revolution will be Micro LED, which promises improved viewing performance, as well as transformed manufacturing process.

Wu said that miniaturizing LED panel displays has led to improved performance, but some technical problems still need to be resolved.

One problem for Micro LEDs is production quality, where defect rates need to be less than one pixel in every ten thousand. Wu said this is the “bottleneck” that is stopping mass production of Micro LEDs, and all the major players are working to overcome this.

Despite this, Wu reckons Micro LED is the next great thing for Taiwanese manufacturers, and there are many opportunities as the product has a long supply chain.

ITRI, Taiwan’s premier technology research institute, has running form in LED and Micro LED development, and is striving to spur on Taiwan’s flat panel industry through research and development.

According to Industrial Technology, ITRI is collaborating with Taiwanese manufacturers to develop transparent and flexible screens, used in a wide variety of applications including virtual reality.

ITRI also established a flat panel display alliance, to help facilitate collaboration and cooperation between different Taiwanese companies. This alliance of 40 companies is currently cooperating on a host of new products including virtual reality glasses, car screens, next generation televisions, and electronic billboards, reported Industrial Technology.

Wu said that if companies can gasp the opportunity of emerging LED technology, the benefits will be great, reported Industrial Technology.