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New Taipei City holds football competition for migrant workers

More than 600 players and 26 teams signed up for the competition

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Government Labor Affairs Bureau)

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Government Labor Affairs Bureau)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - New Taipei City Government Labor Affairs Bureau held the annual "2018 International Migrant Worker Football Competition" to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the New Taipei City Labor Bureau, and also the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The competition took place at Xinzhuang Gymnasium, and the players came from 11 different countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Haiti, Paraguay, the United States, Japan, Gambia, and last but not least, Taiwan.

The preliminaries were held on Sept. 2 and 16. This year, more than 600 players signed up for the competition and there a total of about 26 teams formed.

After preliminaries, it left Li Ching team from Thailand, Blitar Putra from Indonesia, also two teams from Vietnam, Chou37 and XinZhuang. They had to compete once again through the semifinals, which were held on Sept. 24, resulting in Chou37 winning the competition.

The director of Labor Bureau, Hsu Hsiu-neng (許秀能), gave prize money and trophies to the winners. While Chou37 received a total of 20,000 NTD, XinZhuang team, Li Ching from Thailand, and Blitar Putra from Indonesia each received 15,000 NTD, 10,000 NTD, and 5,000 NTD respectively, and trophies as well.

Hsu said that there are about 96,000 migrant workers in New Taipei City.

In the final, there are some multicultural performances such as Muay Thai and Vietnamese women's football. In addition, the head of Labor Management, Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office, Nguyen Chun-zao (阮春造), Indonesia Economic and Trade Office representative Ma Fei Li (馬菲立), Municipal Federation of Trade Unions chairman, Lin Kuang-yu (林光煜), and Prime Minister Hung Ching-fu (洪清福) all came to the venue to support the competition.

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