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Taiwan belongs in the UN: presidents of Paraguay and Marshall Islands

Taiwan's allies speak out at the UN General Assembly

President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands speaking at the UN General Assembly.

President Hilda Heine of the Marshall Islands speaking at the UN General Assembly. (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan belongs inside the United Nations as it can make major contributions to the global community, the presidents of Paraguay and the Marshall Islands told the world body’s General Assembly Tuesday.

Taiwan has been trying to rejoin the UN, but China has been blocking its move while also trying to lure away the island nation’s diplomatic allies. Over the past two years, Beijing succeeded in establishing links with five of those allies, leaving Taipei with 17, mostly small or impoverished nations in the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean.

President Mario Abdo Benitez of ally Paraguay told the UN General Assembly his country supported Taiwan’s legal bid to join the organization, as he believed it would be able to make major contributions, the Liberty Times reported.

President Hilda Heine of Pacific ally the Marshall Islands said Taiwan should not only be allowed to join the UN, but also its affiliated bodies such as the World Health Organization.

The people of Taiwan should have the right to be treated fairly, while the country should also be recommended but fulfilling the aims of sustainable development and global warming accords, she reportedly said.

Keeping Taiwan out of the world organization brought no benefits, Heine added, specifically mentioning the fight against disease, the Liberty Times reported.