Tainan gives away star lanterns to celebrate Taiwan's Mid-Autumn Festival

Some traditional lanterns from Vietnam, star lanterns, were given away in Tainan over the holiday weekend

(Photo courtesy of National Immigration Agency)

(Photo courtesy of National Immigration Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan's Tainan National Immigration Agency (First Tainan City Service Station) held a carnival for Vietnamese new immigrants to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on Sept. 23.

Vietnamese singers and an orchestra were invited to perform at the carnival. Besides music, the NIA also prepared Vietnamese star-shaped lanterns for the participants.

The participants, who were mostly Vietnamese migrant workers and new immigrants, also had the chance to compete and play in some games and activities.

In Vietnam, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also celebrated as children's day, and most households in the coutnry can be spotted hanging a lantern to celebrate the festival. For Vietnamese, the Mid-autumn festival is an occasion for children to play with traditional toys, especially shadow lanterns and star lanterns.

Star lanterns, which are shaped like a star, are one of the representative traditional lanterns in Vietnam. Making a star lantern is quite simple, as it is a simply a star-shaped bamboo frame covered with colored cellophane. The star shape also has the meaning of "to light up the future."

One of the games that was played at the carnival was a pomelo peeling contest. Eightteen participants used their skills to peel the pomelos. The competition was won by A-ming (阿明), a migrant worker from Vietnam, who took only a few seconds to successfully peeled the entire pomelo with his bare hands. He received a pretty Mid-Autumn Festival gift box as the prize.

A-ming (阿明) claimed that pomelo is his favorite fruit, and it is available in every season in Vietnam, so he often practices his skills on peeling the pomelo with his hands.

Lin Chih-hung (林志鴻), the director of First Tainan City Service Station, said that Taiwan government cares for the migrant workers and new immigrants in Taiwan, and will continue to actively provide assistance and activities for them.