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Man beaten to death in a fight at BBQ party in northern Taiwan

Holiday celebrations turned into a chaotic scene resulting in one death

Three men were arrested after beating to death another man in Taoyuan

Three men were arrested after beating to death another man in Taoyuan (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese man was beaten to death on Sunday, Sept. 23 after he was stopped by three neighbors and attacked for setting off firecrackers in Taiwan's northern county of Taoyuan, according to CNA.

In Taiwan, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most delightful occasions where people usually gather with their relatives and friends to enjoy delicacies, outdoor barbecues, and play with fireworks. However, a few BBQ parties ended up with injuries and death at this year's celebration.

On Sept. 23, three men in Taoyuan City were arrested after they beat a man to death after he arrived at his boss's residence in Taoyuan to celebrate Moon Festival at night.

According to CNA, the victim surnamed Wang, got into a dispute with two brothers surnamed Shi and a man surnamed Chen. The three were displeasing and worried about getting injured by firecrackers that Wang had set off. Having warned Wang twice not to light any more firecrackers, he ignored the warning, leading to the fight, which ended with Wang being beaten unconscious and thrown to the ground.

Although Wang's friends called the police and promptly sent him to the hospital, he was later pronounced dead due to severe injuries in the emergency room.

Also on the evening of Sept.23, a man was suddenly shot in his genitals by a suspect in a motorcycle helmet and facemask while enjoying an outdoor BBQ with his colleagues.

Meanwhile, the Taipei City government is reviewing the practice of permitting riverside barbecue parties as trash and air pollution have increased due to the activity in recent years.