Not one brick will remain of communist shrine in Taiwan, says County Commissioner

Communists in Ershui, Changhua held their final flag raising ceremony Tuesday morning, before clearing out CCP paraphernalia ahead of Wednesday's demolition

Flag raising ceremony at the communist shrine (Image from Wei Ming-ren's FB page)

Flag raising ceremony at the communist shrine (Image from Wei Ming-ren's FB page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After utilities to the property were cut last week., the Changhua County Government is moving forward with plans to demolish the controversial shrine to Communism in Taiwan on Wednesday morning, Sept. 26. A final flag raising ceremony was held this morning.

Changhua County Commissioner Wei Ming-ku (魏明谷) was quoted over the weekend as saying that “not even a single brick” would remain of the condemned structure once demolition was complete.

This morning at 8:00 a.m., the communists who converted the former Buddhist temple into a shrine for their secular ideology and veneration of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) held their final flag raising ceremony at the former Biyun Chan Temple (碧雲禪寺) in Changhua’s Ershui (二水) Township.

LTN reports that when the local government declared the date for demolition, the shrine’s founder, retired military officer and businessman, Wei Ming-jen (魏明仁) yelled “Who dares to remove the banner of the motherland! I dare you to try!”

However, on Sept. 25, after the final flag raising ceremony, Wei along with his comrades will be removing the CCP paraphernalia and taking down the five star flag of China themselves, with full knowledge that the flags and icons of their heroes will be destroyed in the rubble if they are not transferred to another location.

Moving out. Video still from Wei Ming-ren's FB page.

The temple property, which the county government has determined violates safety codes for buildings on mountainsides, was acquired by the communists around July 2017. Wei converted the structure into a shrine to CCP in Taiwan, replete with Chinese flags and portraits of past party chairmen.

According to reports, Wei tricked the previous nuns who occupied the temple into a debt trap , and then manipulated the legal system to come into possession of the Biyun Chan Temple and evicted the nuns who have been living in meager shipping containers nearby and protesting the conversion of the temple ever since.

Wei claims that the CCP supports his activities in Taiwan. He also previously claimed he was commissioning a statue of Mao Zedong, and that the day it was completed would be the day that Taiwan came under the control of China.

Wei Ming-ren (Image from FB)

Following last week’s announcement that demolition would begin this week, it seems the plans of Wei and his comrades have been dashed.

A National Security Bureau official has said that the "Patriotic Education Base of Socialist National Thought in Taiwan Province of the People's Republic of China," represents a national security threat to Taiwan.

The local community is also reportedly fed up with the Communist decorations and the Chinese national anthem, which can be heard blaring from the temple across the mountain side as Wei and comrades perform flag raising ceremonies every morning.

LTN reports that after power was cut last week the founder of the “Communist Base,” began using a power generator to continue blasting the Chinese anthem.

Commissioner Wei commented on the noise pollution, saying that while Wei remains within his rights to use the generator and play the anthem, if it is deemed a disturbance by the local community, the EPA could intervene.

That will likely be unnecessary with Wei and comrades are vacating the premise and destruction of the descerated temple will soon be underway. After demolition is complete, the mountainous Ershui Township will hopefully have a bit of peace and quiet.

Character for "tear down" over photo from Wei Ming-ren's FB page