Child abuse in N. Taiwan: Three year old boy restrained, starved, and beaten

The young child was restrained by zip ties on an enclosed balcony, and driven by hunger to eat his own feces

The victim with his mother (Image from Hsinchu City Gov.

The victim with his mother (Image from Hsinchu City Gov.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A case of serious child abuse has been reported in Taiwan’s Hsinchu County.

A three year old boy was left tied up on a enclosed balcony with zip-ties around his upper arms, and was left there for hours. He was reportedly there long enough to have defecated and be driven by hunger to eat his own feces.

The boy’s neglectful father and a partner, who is not the boy’s mother, were responsible for the abuse according to the reports.

The boy was discovered bound on the balcony by his mother, who came to visit out of concern for her children.

The three year old showed clear signs of abuse, and some facial injuries that may have been sustained as he struggled trying to free himself or because he fell asleep in a standing position, and slammed into objects as he fell. Photographs of the incident also suggest he was left unclothed while trapped on the balcony.

An investigation is being conducting into the case, which suggests he was living in a condition of regular neglect and abuse at the hands of his biological father and his partner.

The father claimed the boy had been wetting the bed recently, and admitted that he disciplined the child using his bare hands and slippers across his back side and thighs, reports LTN.

According to the Liberty Times, the couple, who are divorced, have three children. The mother reportedly divorced the father because of an affair, and after the separation her two sons stayed with the father, and a daughter was placed under the care of a friend of the family.

The mother was only capable of visiting her children occasionally, and she was increasingly concerned about living conditions of the sons in the father's home.

According to LTN, the last time the mother went to visit her daughter, the daughter told her she had a dream that her little brother was dying. This is reportedly what spurred the mother to visit her ex-husband’s residence to find her three year old son tied naked on the balcony.

The boy, filthy, emaciated, and unable to support himself was sent immediately to a hospital for treatment.

The older 4 year old son showed no signs of physical abuse according to initial report.

An investigation is being conducted by the Hsinchu District Prosecutor's Office in accordance with the Child and Juvenile Welfare and Rights Protection Act.