German experts propose turning unused nuclear plant in Taiwan into a ‘theme park’

The fuel rods for the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant will be removed from Taiwan by 2020

Kalkar nuclear power plant turned theme park (Photo/FB Photopedia)

Kalkar nuclear power plant turned theme park (Photo/FB Photopedia)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – German experts in nuclear power suggested that Taiwan can consider giving a new lease of life to the Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant (龍門核電廠), better known as the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant (核四), through transforming it into a theme park after it’s decommissioned.

With the first batch of the plant’s fuel rods exported to the U.S. from Keelung Port on Jul. 4, and the rest scheduled to be removed from Taiwan by 2020, the fate of the energy generator never put into operation has sparked much discussion.

A solution has been put on the table by a group of German professionals from six corporations and institutions, who are visiting Taiwan to share their expertise and experience in nuclear issues, a program jointly organized by German Trade Office Taipei and Baden-Wurttemberg International, reported Liberty Times Thursday.

According to Oskar Grozinger, former head of the Nuclear Energy Supervision and Radiation Protection Department in Germany, the Kalkar nuclear power plant in Germany serves as a good example, which was completed but never put into service before it was repurposed to become a theme park called “Wunderland Kalkar.”

The amusement park, which boasts a spa, restaurants, and other attractions incorporating facilities originally built for the plant, receives approximately 600,000 visitors every year and is free from safety concerns, noted Grozinger, adding that its success can be emulated by the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant.