Video shows nude female 'ghost' strutting in Taiwan tunnel

Video shows 'ghost' of nude woman wearing only white knee-high socks in Taiwan tunnel

Nude "ghost" (left). (Screenshot from Breaking News Commune video)

Nude "ghost" (left). (Screenshot from Breaking News Commune video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A strange video of a nude woman strutting in a freeway tunnel near Taipei late at night has given Taiwanese netizens the creeps, with some speculating that it was a leftover ghoul from Ghost Month.

As a man entered the Taipei No. 1 Tunnel while driving through Shiding on Freeway No. 3 toward Taipei early this morning, he suddenly spotted a nude, long-haired woman frolicking in his lane wearing only knee-high socks and black high heels. Frightened, he quickly swerved and decelerated to avoid hitting the woman, but did not stop to look back at who or what he almost hit.

He posted dashcam video of the encounter on Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) at 3:45 a.m. this morning and wrote, "Why is there a naked woman in the tunnel in the middle of the night scaring people? Fortunately, I was able to slow down, what was she doing?"

In the video, which lists the time as 2:48 a.m. on Sept. 20, a nude woman can be seen near the entrance to the tunnel in the left lane waving her arms and as the driver tries to swerve out of her way, she casually spins away from the vehicle. When an ETtoday reporter questioned police about the incident, they confirmed that there had been a report of a long-haired, nude woman walking in the tunnel at 2 a.m. this morning.

Nude woman (left). (Screenshot from Breaking News Commune video)

However, when police arrived at the scene, no woman was found. Police reminded the public that pedestrians caught walking on the highway are in violation of Article 33, Paragraph 4 of the Statute Governing Road Traffic, which can be punishable with a fine of between NT$3,000 and NT$6,000. In addition, by stripping naked on public highway, she violated Article 234 of Criminal Code for an act of public indecency, which is punishable with a prison term of less than one year and a fine of up to NT$3,000.

Superstitious Taiwanese netizens were quick to speculate that the man had encountered a supernatural stripper:

"The point is how did she suddenly appear there?"

"Are you sure it's a person?"

"It looks like there's no shadow."

"(Ghost Month) didn't go back?"

"This could frighten someone to death."

"Is the karma of my eyes too heavy?"

"Wandering alone in a tunnel. That's too daring."

Nude woman (left). (Screenshot from Breaking News Commune video)

The Ninth Police Brigade of the National Highway Police Bureau said it has applied for access to the surveillance cameras in Taipei No. 1 Tunnel and along the expressway. Police told Apple Daily that they have closely inspected the online video and say that she appears to be wearing some "light-colored clothing" and is not entirely naked.

Two screen captures showing nude woman in left lane. (Breaking News Commune video)

Dashcam video of the ethereal encounter posted on Breaking News Commune: