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Taiwanese hacker turns NT$1 into 502 iPhones

Taiwanese IT engineer finds fault in Apple Pay, pays NT$1 for over 500 new iPhones

(Image courtesy of Max Pixel)

(Image courtesy of Max Pixel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwanese IT engineer Chang Chi-yuan (張啟元) reportedly found a loophole with Apply Pay, and bought 502 new Apple iPhones for NT$1 (US$0.03), reports said.

According to screenshots posted on Chang's Facebook, he successfully paid NT$1 for 500 iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB, as well as 2 iPhone XS Max 512 GB, worth NT$16.655 million.

Chang said he tried to pay for the goods with only NT$1, and to his astonishment, the payment was successful.

Taiwanese hacker turns NT$1 into 502 iPhones
Three screenshots from Chang Chi-yuan's Facebook

The bug appears to resemble a similar one found in 2016, which has since been fixed, but after Chang received an iPhone at well below recommended price.

Some netizens were skeptical of the saga, with many voicing belief that the goods will not be shipping until the total price is paid.

Chang said he has canceled the order.

Chang first rose to international attention in 2013 when he deleted a series of Facebook posts by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to highlight a bug he found, after being ignored by tech support.