Clouds expected to obscure moon during Mid-Autumn Festival in north east Taiwan

Clouds and rain to potentially dampen Mid-Autumn Festival across northern Taiwan

(Image courtesy of Max Pixel)

(Image courtesy of Max Pixel)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Moon watchers across Taiwan are best to travel south, as the north east is likely to be covered in clouds throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival, said meteorologist Daniel Wu (吳德榮) on Sept. 19.

Wu said that over the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, the atmosphere will be unstable with chances of rain throughout the long weekend, reported the Liberty Times.

The weather today will be warm with a low chance of rain across all of Taiwan, with maximum temperatures expected around 32-36 degrees Celsius. Today will be hottest in New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, and Taipei City.

Wu said that a high pressure system from the Pacific Ocean will cause Taiwan to continue a hot spell until Friday. Yesterday saw the mercury reach 37.4 degrees Celsius in the Taipei City area of Shipai.

Wu said that northeasterly winds throughout Mid-Autumn Festival will bring cloud cover, and will most likely obscure views of the moon across north east Taiwan.

According to the Central Weather Bureau's (CWB) most-recent forecast, northern Taiwan is expected to be cloudy with occasional showers on Sept. 23-24. The temperature will be milder, with a maximum of between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius for most of the region.

According to the CWB, all other parts of Taiwan will have lighter clouds, with occasional rain expected.