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Taiwanese company wins gold at 2018 Green World Awards

Eco-friendly hair care product company, Hair O'right International, based in Taoyuan, was recognized for the green design of their shampoo bottle

Image from O'right webpage

Image from O'right webpage

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese hair product manufacturer dedicated to promoting a green lifestyle and creating products made from only environmentally friendly ingredients has been recognized for its quality and contribution to global conservation efforts this week in Europe.

Hair O’right (歐萊德) International, based in Taoyuan City, received the Gold Award in the Carbon Reduction Category at the 2018 Green World Awards held in the U.K.

The company received the award for its shampoo bottle design, which is not only made from 100 percent recycled plastic, but which also features a cap that can be further recycled to achieve an impressive 66.29 percent plastic reclamation rate.

The Green World Awards were founded by the Green Organization in the U.K in 1994, to recognize companies and organizations who have displayed commitment and innovation in protecting the environment and conserving the world’s resources.

Their awards represent a great honor for companies that strive to work towards a sustainable future, while encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle with their products.

Hair O’right also won a Gold Medal from the Green World Awards in 2017 for their product line which promotes sustainability and conservation. Winning two years in a row is clear recognition of the Taiwanese company’s commitment to the environment.

Hair O’right was founded in 2002 by CEO Steven Ko, who suffers from some severe allergies, and who sought to make a better line of hair care products that were both healthy and eco-friendly. The company went completely green in 2006 using 100 percent natural ingredients in its product line.

According to the O’right webpage, the “O” represents a round, green earth, and the company’s philosophy is to only create products that do “right” by the earth and promote a healthy, sustainable balance between human society and the planet.

O’right offers an incredible range of shampoos, conditioners, styling products as well as a line of skin care creams and moisturizers.

Taiwanese company wins gold at 2018 Green World Awards

Updated : 2022-05-22 16:13 GMT+08:00