Woman slashed in chest with a box cutter at Taipei MRT station

Mentally disabled woman slashes female passerby in chest with box cutter in MRT Taipei Main Station

Box cutter used in attack.

Box cutter used in attack. (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A woman suddenly slashed another woman's chest with a box cutter inside the MRT Taipei Main Station last night (Sept. 17).

At 6:48 last night, surveillance video revealed that as a 31-year-old woman surnamed Pan (潘) walked past the information desk next to Exit 1 for the Tamsui-Xinyi Line, a 37-year-old woman surnamed Wang (王) suddenly lunged forward and slashed Pan in the chest with a box cutter, reported TVBS. Pan immediately began bleeding from a chest wound that was estimated to be about 15-17 centimeters in length, according to the report.

The station master and security personnel swiftly pounced on Wang and quickly subdued her, while the control center dialed 110 and 119. Pan was rushed to Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch, where she was treated for her wounds, which were not deemed to be life-threatening.

Police said that Wang was found to be behaving erratically and carrying a disability card, and so they asked a doctor to perform a psychiatric assessment. After the assessment, it was decided that Wang should be sent to the Taipei City Hospital SongDe Branch for psychiatric care, in accordance with the Mental Health Act (精神衛生法), reported SETN.

After slashing her victim, Wang can be seen on surveillance footage sitting down and not uttering a word. The motive of the crime is pending a more comprehensive evaluation by a psychiatric team at the hospital.

After treatment and observation, police will transfer Wang to the Prosecutor's Office on charges of causing bodily harm.

Rapid Transit Division Taipei City Police Department Captain Chen Chin-cheng speaking to media. (陳金城) (CNA image)