Protesters demand more Spanish be taught in Catalonia

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Around 1,000 Spaniards are marching in downtown Barcelona against Catalonia's separatist movement and to demand an increase of the teaching of Spanish in local schools.

Many protestors are waving Spanish flags and chanting "we are not fascists, we are Spaniards!" and "don't be fooled, Catalonia is Spain!"

Sunday's march has been organized by the grassroots group "Hablamos Español" ("We Speak Spanish") dedicated to increasing the presence of Spanish in Catalonia's schools.

In Catalonia's schools, the large majority of subjects are taught in the Catalan language.

Meanwhile on Sunday, hundreds of supporters of secession rallied in a square in central Barcelona to demand Catalan independence and defend the current linguistic policy in schools.

Both Spanish and Catalan are spoken by the 7.5 million residents in the bilingual region.