Senior couple lost for 12 days, survives on wild plants in mountains of Miaoli, Taiwan

The man and wife, who are in their 60s became lost on Sept. 5, and were discovered the morning of Sept. 16

The Huangs being helped off the mountain

The Huangs being helped off the mountain (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A man and wife in their 60s became lost in the mountains of Miaoli County earlier this month and remained lost for almost two weeks, barely surviving on wild plants, reports CNA.

A couple with the surname Huang (黃) who live in Hsinchu, went to nearby Miaoli for a leisurely hike on Sept. 5. However after sometime they became lost, eventually losing battery power in their phones and were unable to get off of the mountain.

After the couple’s family reported them missing, police traced the location of the last cellphone usage to near Beikang village, Touwu Township (頭屋鄉北坑村) in Miaoli. Police sent out several search parties over the following days, but turned up nothing.

Surprisingly the couple were discovered alive on the morning of Sept. 16, nearly 12 full days after they were first reported lost. They were rescued near a farm in Nanzhuang township (南庄鄉), which the couple had reached by tracing a water source through the mountains.

They were immediately sent to a hospital after being rescued by employees at the Chungu Squid Farm(春谷鱒魚農). The 67 year old husband had reportedly injured his left foot, while the 65 year old wife was in good condition.

The Huangs were reportedly weak from hunger and exposure when they were found, and the husband had been stationary for the entire day previous since he injured his foot. Fortunately, they had traced the water source as far as they had, and were able to be found by the farm’s employees.

The couple said they were only drinking water for the first seven days, but on the eighth day they began eating wild plants to maintain their strength.

This was the second time the couple had hiked in the area. They reportedly made a wrong turn on one of the trails and lost their way. The police judged that the couple had hiked over five peaks, and traveled nearly 12 kilometers from their starting location, reports CNA.