Wild weather lashes Taiwan as Typhoon Mangkhut makes landfall

Taiwan issues rain, wind, and wave warnings as Typhoon Mangkhut passes through northern Philippines

Super Typhoon Mangkhut's position at 10.00 a.m. on Sept. 15. (CWB)

Super Typhoon Mangkhut's position at 10.00 a.m. on Sept. 15. (CWB)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – As Typhoon Mangkhut sweeps through northern Philippines, Taiwan is expected to see heavy rain, strong wilds and tall waves on Sept. 15.

Mangkhut, the strongest typhoon by some measures to affect Taiwan this year, has led to numerous weather warnings, as well as significant flight disruptions.

Luzon in the Philippines braced for Mangkhut overnight, and the typhoon made landfall at around 2.30 a.m. on Sept. 15. Mangkhut caused widespread damage and has the potential to adversely affect over 5 million people in the region, AP reports.

The CWB forecasts Taiwan's weather to be hot today, with a nation-wide high of 37 degrees Celsius in Miaoli County. Rain is expected across Taiwan's northern tip, as well as along the whole length of the east coast.

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB, 中央氣象局) issued an offshore typhoon warning at 8.30 a.m. on Sept. 15. The alert said the typhoon's maximum wind speed reached 227 kilometers per hour and currently is passing northwest of Luzon, the Philippines.

CWB Syper Typhoon Mangkhut predicted flight path.

Mangkhut's extremely high wind makes it the strongest typhoon to affect Taiwan this year, weather specialist Wu Te-jung (吳德榮) told Apple Daily.

The CWB's most-recent model suggests that Mangkhut will continue to move westward today, and will make landfall in China between Hong Kong and Hainan late tomorrow afternoon.

The CWB went on to say that Mangkhut continues to pose a threat, and will bring about violent rain and strong winds across Taiwan's east coast.

Waves of up to 11 meters in height are expected throughout the next 24 hours. Apple Daily reports that waves of up to 8 meters have been spotted today along Taiwan's north coast near Keelung City.

The CWB also issued an extremely heavy rain warning for parts of Hualien County, Pingtung County and Taitung County, as rainfall is expected to exceed 200 millimeters within 24 hours, or 100 millimeters within three hours.

CWB rain warning on Sept. 15.

Kaohsiung City, Lanyu, Ludao, New Taipei City and Yiland County were also issued a heavy rain warning. Rainfall is expected to exceed 80 millimeters within 24 hours, or 40 millimeters within one hour.