Victim families confront Mexico president-elect over amnesty

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Mexico's president-elect has faced the toughest, angriest crowd yet since winning the July 1 election, going before the relatives of crime victims and disappeared people to try to convince them of his amnesty proposal.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has proposed investigations and truth commissions to find out the fate of missing people, but also says some offenders should be pardoned.

Some of the relatives who attended Friday's forum in Mexico City reacted angrily, shouting "Justice! Justice!" and "Don't forgive, don't forget!"

Lopez Obrador maintains that "you cannot fight violence with violence" and says the amnesty is needed to "pacify" Mexico.

He staunchly defended his position, telling relatives: "I'm telling you: 'Don't forget, but do forgive' — that is my proposal."