Gogoro and Yamaha mull new electric scooter partnership

Gogoro and Yamaha consider new scooter partnership based on Gogoro’s design and manufacturing expertise

(Image courtesy of Gogoro)

(Image courtesy of Gogoro)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan's Gogoro Inc. and Japan's Yamaha Motor Co. announced that the pair will look into a partnership to manufacture Yamaha-branded electric scooters inspired by Gogoro designs, Yamaha said in a statement on Sept. 11.

Yamaha said that the potential partnership will lead to Yamaha-branded scooters being made and joint-developed by Gogoro, as well as sharing of Gogoro's Taiwan battery swapping network.

Gogoro is a leader in electric scooters in both Taiwan and the world more broadly. The company has seen strong sales in recent years, and is currently in a push to expand its battery system throughout Taiwan.

Taiwan's electric scooter market is heating up, off the back of a potential ban of petrol scooters entering into force perhaps as early as 2035. Competitors Kymco and SYM have recently introduced new electric scooters, and are investing heavily in the emerging technology.

The new partnership is aimed to help Yamaha increase its market research in Taiwan, as well as make it more feasible for prospective buyers to buy electric scooters through expanding Gogoro's battery swap network, said Yamaha.

Takuya Kinoshita, Chief General Manager of Yamaha's Motorcycle Business Operations said the partnership "enables embracing the challenge of creating a new mobility service market."

The new Yamaha electric scooter is planned to roll off the showroom floor in summer 2019, the statement said.