Swim across Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake to proceed as planned despite Typhoon Mangkhut

Sun Moon Lake Weather Station chief says Nantou County will not be greatly affected by the typhoon


TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—The 4th Open Water swimming championship and the 36th Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival will take place on Sep. 15 and Sep 16, respectively, despite the fact that the weather in Taiwan is expected to be affected by Typhoon Mangkhut.

The decision to proceed with the events was made by Nantou County Government Secretary General Hung Jui-chi after he was briefed on the weather conditions by a meteorologist, according to a Central News Agency report.

Recently many people registered for the swimming events have been calling the Nantou County Government to ask if the events would be pushed back to a later date. Therefore, the county government held an emergency meeting on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 13, with the event organizer Puli Four-season Swimming Association, the local fire station, local lifeguard associations, and the local weather station were invited to attend.

Sun Moon Lake Weather Station chief Cang Yung-cheng (張永政) gave a briefing on the possible effects of Typhoon Mangkhut, saying that according to the station's report, Nantou County will not be greatly affected, as the county is far away from the typhoon and the Central Mountains will block the outer ring of the storm.

According to data presented in the briefing, cloudy to partly sunny weather conditions are expected on the morning of Sept. 15, however occasional thunder showers lasting two to three hours are possible.

On Sept. 16, the chance of rain will increase for the county, with cloudy skies in the morning and increased chances of thunder showers in the afternoon compared to the previous day's forecast. The data also suggests that rainfall is forecast to occur around 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Sept. 16 and the rain is expected to be harder than the previous day, the report said.