Animation Youtube channel 'Taiwan Bar' releases new video about Thailand

In the video, 'IP the Dark Bear' goes to Thailand to explore the country's Buddhist culture

(Photo courtesy of Taiwan Bar)

(Photo courtesy of Taiwan Bar)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwan's popular Youtube channel "Taiwan Bar" has released the fourth episode of their new series "Flying Beer in Southeast Asia" on Sept. 10.

The episode begins with the main character "IP the Dark Bear" going to Thailand where he talks about Thai food and religion, and discusses Buddhist culture in Thailand. The video also compare Thailand's experience with the history and development process of Buddhism in the rest of Asia.

Besides Buddhist culture and history, "IP the Dark Bear" also explains why some Thai men choose to shave their head and become monks, and how Buddhism has become integrated to the culture of Thai and Taiwanese.

Taiwan Bar is known for its animated video lessons of Taiwanese history and culture, and they have been collaborating with The General Association of Chinese Culture (GACC) since last June to create the video series "Flying Beer in Southeast Asia", which is mainly focused on the culture, lifestyle, and history of people in Southeast Asia.

In the previous three episodes, "Flying Beer to Southeast Asia" introduced the culture and customs of Muslims in Southeast Asian countries, overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia, and also past colonial history in Southeast Asia.

Up until now, Taiwan Bar has been producing entertaining videos for over three years and it has attracted more than 600,000 subscribers on Youtube.