Photo of the Day: Respite from rains in Tamsui, Taiwan

American tourist captures serene scene in Tamsui after the torrential rains over the weekend had finally halted on Monday

Having a beer in Tamsui. (Photo by Andrew Gonzles)

Having a beer in Tamsui. (Photo by Andrew Gonzles)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An American tourist took this photo of a serene scene at dusk in New Taipei City's Tamsui District after the torrential rains and floodingseen in northern Taiwan over the weekend had finally cleared.

On Monday (Sept. 10), American traveler Andrew Gonzalez, who works in software sales for VMware, captured this idyllic image of the sun breaking through the clouds over Guanyin Mountain and creating a mirror-like reflection on a table holding a cold brew. On Tuesday, Gonzalez posted the image on Reddit with the caption "Once it cleared up in Tamsui yesterday...," which soon garnered him 146 upvotes.

Gonzalez, who hails from Austin, Texas, said the photo was taken on Monday at 6 p.m. at a stinky tofu restaurant on Huanhe Road, just north of the Taipei MRT Red Line in the Tamsui Old Street area. Gonzalez says at the time he was meeting with a friend who teaches English in Kaohsiung and he was inspired to take the photo because the rain had finally stopped and he wanted to document his first glimpse of Taiwan's beauty.

(Photo by Andrew Gonzalez, Instagram account @tacochallengeaccepted)