Japan opposition leader says its PM too close to Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — Japan's main opposition leader says the nation's prime minister is papering over differences on trade and other issues with President Donald Trump, and that could ultimately hurt the U.S.-Japan alliance.

Yukio Edano (OO-kee-oh eh-DAH-noh) heads the Constitutional Democratic Party. He tells The Associated Press that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (SHEEN-zoh AH-bay) is "trying to conform to Trump's ways a little too much. I think that comes with risks."

Abe was the first world leader to meet with Trump after Trump's 2016 election, giving the American a golf driver and winning an early invitation to Trump's Florida estate.

But the U.S. soon pulled out of a trans-Pacific free trade pact that Abe supported and the Trump administration has since imposed steel and aluminum tariffs on Japan, the world's third largest economy.