Taiwan to promote four thematic tours for Vietnamese tourists

Taipei Department of Information and Tourism is promoting Taipei's food, fashion, nature, and culture

(Photo courtesy of Taipei Department of Information and Tourism)

(Photo courtesy of Taipei Department of Information and Tourism)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taipei's Department of Information and Tourism sent a delegation to Vietnam on Sept. 6 to participate in the 14th International Travel Expo, Ho Chi Minh City (ITE HCMC 2018).

The purpose was to promote four thematic tours in Taipei for Vietnamese travelers, including tours focusing on fashion, food, nature, and culture, with the hope that Vietnamese will to get to know more about Taiwan when they travel, and be able to understand Taiwan from different perspectives.

When it comes to the ASEAN market, the number of tourists from Vietnam is the fastest-growing. According to statistics, the number of Vietnamese tourists in Taiwan reached 383,329 people in 2017, and exchanges of visitors between both countries numbered more than 560,000 people, overcoming Malaysia with 277,643 people, which has previously always been first in the ranking.

At the "ITE HCMC 2018," Taipei's Department of Information and Tourism recommended visitors check out the Maokong Gondola and drink some tea in Maokong, and also Yangmingshan for a picnic to see nature.

For the fashion tour, they suggested a visit to the Xinyi or Ximending Districts. In terms of food, visitors can enjoy any type of dish in Taiwan, from Chinese food to western food. They also suggested visitors go to Dadaocheng Old Street, where they can experience a sense of the raditional and modern combined together, so tourists can feel the cultural atmosphere and see the hipster life of Taipei.

Previously, the Taipei Department of Information and Tourism also organized two separated promotional meetings for Indonesia and the Philippines on July 5, to develop the tourism market in Southeast Asia.