Photo of the Day: 'No Romping' sign seen on bus in western Taiwan

Confusing Chinglish 'No Romping' sign spotted on a bus in Taichung, Taiwan

"No Romping" sign spotted on Taichung bus.

"No Romping" sign spotted on Taichung bus. (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A funny Chinglish sign which read "No Romping" was spotted on a public bus in western Taiwan's Taichung City late last month.

While taking a bus in Taichung's Xidun District on Aug. 26, the writer spotted an odd sign on the bus's door that read "No Romping" and showed a stick figure seeming to shove another stick person backwards. Though the word "romp" can mean "boisterous play" according to Webster's Dictionary, this is not a standard term used on public signs in English-speaking countries.

In addition, the present participle "romping" is often used informally to mean a suggestive, playful "episode of lovemaking," according Webster's.

The Chinese is 禁止推擠嬉戲, which would better be translated as "no shoving or rough play" or "no shoving or horseplay."

Mocking the gesture made by the stick figure on the left, one netizen on Facebook joked, "I thought it was an anti-zombie poster."

"No Romping" sign spotted in Taichung. (Taiwan News image)