Philippines' Pres. Duterte predicts he may be assassinated on Sept. 21

Duterte previously claimed the CIA is listening to his calls and wants him dead, and also that a national coup attempt by communist rebels will be carried out by October

Duterte spoke at the Malacanang presidential palace in Manila on Sept. 11.

Duterte spoke at the Malacanang presidential palace in Manila on Sept. 11. (By Associated Press)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – After previously declaring that the CIA is conspiring to assassinate him, the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte in an interview on Tuesday, Sept. 11 claimed that his would be assassins may have even set a date for the hit.

Duterte claims that he may be assassinated this coming Sept. 21, asserting that there are many who would like to see him dead that a plan has been created by a certain nemesis which is likely to be carried out on that date.

Speaking in an interview with Salvador Panelo, Dutere’s chief legal counsel, on Tuesday in a televised interview, Duterte spoke at length about various national issues, including martial law in certain regions, and the ongoing drug war in the country, while also railing against his critics and enemies.

The most provocative statement of the evening was undoubtedly Duterte’s macabre assertion that his own death may be coming within weeks, and the startling claim that the date was set for Friday, Sept. 21. He seemed to suggest that it would be part of a larger coup, or an attempt to sabotage the affairs of government.

In addition to previously stating that the CIA was listening to his phone calls, and likely wanted him dead, Duterte also announced over the summer that communist guerilla forces and their supporters in the nation’s government had plans to attempt a coup before October.

Duterte did not specify any faction or person who would try to carry out his predicted assassination.

However, he did say that if the attackers cannot kill him with an explosion they will target him using other means. He is quoted by Rappler as saying "I will be happy to die at your hands. At least I won't die because of sickness. What's a bullet? At least your pain won't last more than one second."

LTN notes that Sept. 21 is that date that former political strongman Ferdinand Marcos signed a declaration of Martial Law 46 years ago in 1972.