Four implicated in Kaohsiung 'frozen corpse' murder case

Mother and son had two accomplices in Kaohsiung's 'frozen corpse' murder case

Hung being questioned by reporters.

Hung being questioned by reporters. (By Central News Agency)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After the body of a dead man was found in a freezer in a home in Kaohsiung on Monday, it appears a mother and son were assisted by two accomplices in murdering him and hiding his body in a freezer.

In July, Kaohsiung police received a report that a 47-year-old man surnamed Ting (丁) was missing. On Monday, police searched the family home in Kaohsiung’s Cienjhen District and found the man's body had been stuffed in a freezer since June 4.

Ting's 46-year-old wife, surnamed Hung (洪), initially told police that during a dispute over debt, Ting had threatened her with a knife, but she managed to wrestle if from him and killed him with it. She then claimed that her 24-year-old son, also surnamed Ting (丁) and the eldest of four children, had helped her hide the body in the freezer, reported CNA.

Son of Ting (left) being escorted by Kaohsiung police. (CNA image)

However, once police interrogated her overnight and brought her son in for questioning, she changed her story and said that it was her son who carried out the murder and that she helped him place the body of her husband in a 110 cm x 70 cm x 100 cm freezer, reported China Times.

Because Ting's body had multiple types of knife wounds and marks, prosecutors suspected that more people had been involved in the murder than the mother and son had revealed. Upon further questioning, the son confessed that he had two male accomplices surnamed Kao (高), 21, and Tsai (蔡), 23, with each being paid NT$500,000 (US$16,000) to help in the murder of Ting, according to Liberty Times.

Police suspect the mother and son plotted to murder Ting to gain access to a NT$40 million inheritance he had received from his deceased mother, which they claimed he was squandering on a luxury car and visits to nightclubs. After his murder, Ting's son had reportedly paid off NT$200,000 in debt at a nightclub, which made many to question at the time where his newfound wealth had come from.

Kao and Tsai, both friends of the son, joined Hung and her son in being transferred to the Prosecutor's Office this morning.

Freezers where body was found inside the home. (CNA image)