Putin's ex-bodyguard challenges Navalny to duel

MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin's former bodyguard and chief of the National Guard has challenged opposition leader Alexei Navalny to a duel.

Viktor Zolotov recorded an emotional seven-minute speech, posted on the National Guard's YouTube channel on Tuesday, attacking Navalny for his investigation into large-scale corruption at the National Guard. Zolotov admitted "shortcomings in terms of corruption" but rejected Navalny's claim that he personally profited from the shady deals.

Zolotov, who served in Putin's security detail for years, said in the video that he is challenging Navalny to a duel, and made a promise to "make a good, juicy beefsteak" out of Putin's most prominent foe.

Zolotov's speech is a departure from the usual Kremlin policy to avoid even mentioning Navalny's name in public.