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More Taiwanese in North America fall victim to telecom fraud: MOFA

One victim suffered a loss of up to US$180,000 to a scammer, according to a foreign ministry official

The photo shows part of Los Angeles (Credit: pixabay)

The photo shows part of Los Angeles (Credit: pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - More and more Taiwanese students in North America and Taiwanese Americans fell prey to telecom scams in North America, with up to US$180,000 of loss being reported in one case.

On Tuesday, Regine Chen (陳慧蓁), deputy director-general of the Department of North American Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, urged Taiwanese people in North America not to give out bank account details and passport information; if worried they might have come across a scam, they should inform the country's representative offices in the U.S. for assistance and call local police offices immediately.

Chen said during a press conference on Sept. 11 that there were reports of phone scammers posing as staff of the Chinese embassy or consulates in the U.S. and claiming they suspect the victims' involvement with certain crimes so as to gather their important personal information. Many victims were asked to deposit certain amounts of money in their own bank accounts as "a guarantee" to ensure their attendance for trials.

With the knowledge of the victims' bank account and personal details, the scammers can steal the money easily.

The official shares simple tips to avoid scams: first, not to give personal details to strangers; second, remember the numbers of suspicious callers and, third, double check with local police and relevant offices.

Updated : 2021-10-18 20:54 GMT+08:00