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Taiwan's enhanced Tiangong 3 missiles ready for mass production: MND

The Ministry of Nat. Defense is upgrading missile systems and reinforcing missile platforms along Taiwan’s eastern seaboard

Tiangong 3 launch test (Image from NCSIST)

Tiangong 3 launch test (Image from NCSIST)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan continues to advance its missile technology to ensure the country’s defensive capabilities in the face of increased threats from China.

According to recent reports, The Ministry of National Defense (MND) is currently in the process of upgrading its missile systems and reinforcing missile emplacements along Taiwan’s eastern seaboard.

New Patriot missile platforms have been located to the Huadong valley, and these platforms will later be supplemented with Taiwan’s own domestically developed 3rd generation Tiangong Anti-Tactical Ballistic Missiles (ATBM), developed by the Nat. Zhongshan Institute of Science and Technology.

The new Tiangong 3 missiles missile arrays will replace the previous MIM-23 Hawk missile platforms, and according to LTN, they are fully capable of intercepting and neutralizing the Chinese Dongfeng 21 medium range ballistic missiles of the PLAAF.

The upgrades to the country’s missile defense are being carried out in accordance to the MND’s Strong Bow Project (強弓專案). According to reports, after the successful testing that was carried out earlier this year, the Tiangong 3 missiles are ready to enter mass production as soon as the Air Force Missile Command makes the request.

According to an informed source speaking to LTN, the newest 3rd generation Tiangong missiles are constructed with lighter components, allowing them to fly higher and farther, increasing their range from 45 km to 70km.

New anti-ballistic systems have also enhanced the Tiangong 3’s capability of intercepting incoming missiles moving at high speeds.

However, the note reports that the Tiangong 3 has increased the length in comparison to the previous model because of its upgraded two-stage propulsion system. This means if a version of the rocket is to be developed to equip fighter jets or other military vehicles, then mobile launch systems for missiles must also be redesigned.