Nixon slams mailer questioning her support for Jewish people

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Cynthia Nixon's campaign is crying foul over a Democratic Party mailer supporting Gov. Andrew Cuomo that questions her support for Jewish people.

The mailer was sent by the state party, which Cuomo controls, and comes days before Thursday's primary for governor.

The mailer says Nixon "won't stand strong" for Jewish residents and has been silent on rising anti-Semitism.

Two of the education activist and former "Sex and the City" star's children are being raised in the Jewish faith. Her campaign calls the mailer "hateful" and "divisive."

Party director Geoff Berman now says the mailer was "wrong and inappropriate." He's offering to pay for the Nixon campaign to send out its own mailer but it's unclear whether there's time before election day.

Cuomo says he didn't know about the mailer, an explanation Nixon calls "absurd."