Stamps with LSD drug turn up in the New Territories, Hong Kong

(photo from Wikipedia)

(photo from Wikipedia)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)—Hong Kong police on Sunday nabbed a British man who possessed marijuana and stamps with LSD drug, Hong Kong media reports said.

According to reports, Hong Kong police had been investigating a drug case after receiving reports from informants. Police stopped a British man identified only as James around 2 a.m., reports said. James, 36, was emotional and started to attack two police officers at the scene, causing them to suffer injuries in the stomach and the knee, respectively, according to reports. Both of them were sent to a local hospital.

Police found 30 grams of suspected marijuana and four stamps with LSD drug, reports said. Later police dispatched sniffer dogs to assist in searching drug in a private car, but the search produced no results, according to reports.

Report said drug dealers usually soaked paper in liquid LSD, printed patterns on the paper and then cut it into small rectangles to make them look like stamps for the purpose of evading police. Stamps with LSD drug are rare in Hong Kong, reports said.