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Taipei ranked as one of world's most livable cities: BBC

Taipei made the top 5 list of cities that are 'more livable than ever'

(Image by Unsplash user Remi Yuan)

(Image by Unsplash user Remi Yuan)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taipei, Taiwan has been declared one the most livable cities in 2018 by the BBC in a recent report based on an analysis by the Economist's Intelligence Unit.

According to the report, Taipei ranks as the 58th most livable city in the world, and is among the top five cities which have demonstrated continuous improvement in quality of life over the past 10 years.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks the livability of the world’s 140 largest cities every year based on 30 qualities which include: “safety, access to healthcare, quality of food and drink options, access to education, and quality of roads and transportation” among others.

According to the BBC article “Five Cities that are more livable than ever” by BBC Travel, Taipei is one of the five selected cities that make “a lot easier than other cities." Also on the list are Honolulu , Budapest, Kuwait City, and Auckland.

Speaking on the positive aspects of life in Taipei, the article notes the city’s continued investment in healthcare and infrastructure projects, as well as the ease of transportation and convenient access to an international airport.

The article also offers glowing praise of the education opportunities available for young students and families, while also noting the friendliness and welcoming attitude of locals.

“Though some level of Mandarin is important to get most jobs here, residents are friendly and eager to help foreigners, even when there is a language barrier,” said Judy Tsuei, who is from the United states and the founder of a media consultancy firm in Taipei.

Check out the article here, and see what the BBC has to say about Taipei and the other increasingly livable cities on the list.

Taipei ranked as one of world's most livable cities: BBC
Taipei Main Station (Image by Unsplash user Shupin Zeng)

Updated : 2021-10-16 20:31 GMT+08:00