Typhoon Mangkhut expected to be closest to Taiwan by weekend

Typhoon Mangkhut predicted to be closest to Taiwan by Sept. 15 or 16

NOAA Himawari-8 satellite image.

NOAA Himawari-8 satellite image.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Typhoon Mangkhut, the 22nd tropical storm of the year, may intensify into a strong typhoon and be closest to Taiwan by Sept. 15 or 16, reported the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

According to data from the CWB, Mangkhut is 470 kilometers east of Guam, which is bracing for its impact this afternoon. Currently situated 3,090 kilometers southeast of Taipei, Mangkhut is a Level 7 storm with a radius of 150 kilometers and is moving 29 kilometers per hour in a west-southwesterly direction.

The CWB predicts that it will continue to move west in the future and may become a strong typhoon that will come closest to Taiwan by Sept. 15 or 16. However, due to uncertainty of its path, the ultimate impact on Taiwan is yet to be determined.

CWB map showing typhoon could start to impact Taiwan by Sept. 15.

In addition, there is a tropical depression off of the southeastern coast of Taiwan that the CWB predicts will gradually move westward through the Bashi Channel from today through tomorrow, with a possibility developing into a tropical storm.

Japan Metrological Agency's predicted path of Typhoon Mangkhut.

Projected path of Typhoon Mangkhut by Joint Typhoon Warning Center.

Tropical Storm Risk's projected path of Typhoon Mangkhut.

NOAA satellite image of Typhoon Mangkhut.

Screenshot from Windy.com showing typhoon's current location.