Philippines entices Taiwan electronics industry at SEMICON Taiwan 2018

Philippine government, industry groups promote Taiwan-Philippines electronics collaboration at world’s second-largest electronics trade show

Philippine booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2018. (Image courtesy of MECO)

Philippine booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2018. (Image courtesy of MECO)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Among a host of plain booths, the Philippines electronics and semiconductor promotion booth colorfully and confidently extolled the Philippines as win-win partner for Taiwan's electronics industry during the SEMICON Taiwan 2018 on Sept. 5-7.

As Taiwan shows strong growth in electronics output, the Philippines is positioning itself as a southbound partner for Taiwan's electronics industry.

SEMICON Taiwan 2018, hosted in Taipei, is the world's second-largest semiconductor exhibition for the year. The exhibition had over 2,000 booths on the exhibition floor, and focused on the next generation of electronics, including Internet of Things and smart manufacturing.

The Philippines booth was organized by the Philippine Trade and Investment Center Taipei, which is part of the Manila Economic and Cultural Office (MECO), and included a trade delegation from the Electronic Industries Association of the Philippines (EIAP).

The booth was part of the Philippines' ongoing efforts to promote itself as an electronics hub in Southeast Asia, and to continue to foster strong relationships with Taiwan's electronics and semiconductor industries.

The Philippines wants to build on its electronics manufacturing base to move up the value chain, into design and testing. In this regard, Taiwan is seen as an optimal partner to do business with, and government incentives are in place.

As part of this strategy, the Philippines is marketing itself to Taiwan as the gateway to ASEAN, and as a friendly partner of Taiwan's New Southbound Policy.

The Philippines' young and populous workforce, with an additional 700,000 university graduates entering the workforce annually, as well as a strong intellectual property rights system are seen as strong points.

The ongoing U.S.-China trade war is another factor pushing Taiwanese electronics manufacturing away from China, and into Southeast Asia. Taiwanese electronics giant New Kinpo Group announced in July that it will double down on its investments in the Philippines, as it winds down manufacturing in China.

To foster high-tech electronics jobs and to capitalize on these trends, the Philippines has set up a host of industrial parks, and the Electronics Product Development Center (EPDC). The EDPC is a laboratory for development and testing of hardware, and as a bridge in skills development between university study and professional work. The center is a joint public-private project managed by EIAP.

With the success of the Philippines booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2018, MECO will be out in force again next year.

Colorful Philippine booth at SEMICON Taiwan 2018. (Taiwan News)